Microsoft rolls out latest Lumia release to Windows Phones

When there’s an Android release, we talk about it, and when Apple releases a new version of its iOS platform, we talk about that, too, so it only seems fair to mention that Microsoft’s Windows Phone is getting an update shortly, also.

This week, if you own a recent Nokia device — or one of those models that loses the Nokia name and replaces it with Microsoft Devices — you’ll likely see an update waiting for you if you head to settings.

The update is called “Lumia Denim” and isn’t just a minor security patch or update, but rather an upgrade that will bring new features on top of that extra security.

Included in the pack is the ability to add folders on the start screen, a custom Start screen for other people who might be using the phone (like kids), improvements to Internet Explorer, and even the ability to talk to your phone, with Microsoft’s assistant “Cortana” joining Australian Windows Phone handsets in the Cortana Alpha.

Previously only available if you had joined Microsoft’s developer program for Windows Phone, Cortana Alpha is a work in progress for those of us in Australia, as Microsoft works out the kinks and irons out the bugs with the Australian edition of the voice assistant, which you can talk to, have it create events in your diary, and generally help you out when you merely want to talk to your phone.

Getting this update is easy, with the update being made available for the following phones:

Based on that list, it’s pretty much every Nokia-made Windows Phone released in the two or three years, though it’s obvious the few non-Nokia WP phones we’ve seen are missing in action, including HTC’s Windows 8X, which should qualify, but for some reason doesn’t.

Owners of models with recent Snapdragon processors, such as the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, and the 6 inch Lumia 1520 will get something extra as part of the package, with improvements to the camera functionality.

The camera on the Nokia Lumia 1520 is about to get an update courtesy of Lumia Denim.

These improvements will come from faster camera loading, 4K video capture, and some changes to the low-light sensitivity of the camera sensor based on updated algorithms, which we’re particularly interested to see and something few phone updates will address.

In any case, if you have one of these phones, you should find an update waiting for you to install very shortly, so if you’re keen to see what Windows Phone is now offering, or just try out the voice assistant that is Cortana, your update is waiting for you now.