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NASA is already working with the HoloLens and a piece of software it has developed called “OnSight” which will let scientists work in a virtual Mars environment to plan paths and treks for the Mars Curiosity rover.

“OnSight gives our rover scientists the ability to walk around and explore Mars right from their offices,” said NASA’s Dave Lavery, Program Executive for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission.

“It fundamentally changes our perception of Mars, and how we understand the Mars environment surrounding the rover.”

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Microsoft has released a neat little video which we’ve included below that shows some of the neat things HoloLens could do in the next few years, but we’re not expecting this one until at least late this year or sometime into next. Even then, the apps that make HoloLens interesting could take a while to develop, especially since this will be able taking the digital world into an almost 3D space.

That said, the next version of Windows should be here a lot sooner, and knowing that Windows normally sees release in October, that’s when we’re expecting this next version this year. In any case, an updated developer preview should be here soon, so we’ll give you some impressions on how things are looking soon enough.