Microsoft to push Kinect with Star Wars, racing, yoga

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While Apple was announcing its own developments for its i-devices this week, Microsoft was talking up plans to push gaming to the next level with the Kinect motion gaming system.

Games may have slowed to a standstill with the popular controller-less platform, but Microsoft intends to push hard with new titles this year.

If other fitness games are too easy for you, we expect that "UFC Personal Trainer" will provide some challenge.

Our headline might lead you to believe that Microsoft is planning a big new game featuring Star Wars, car racing, and yoga (seriously, how cool would that be?), but these three genres are just the tip of the iceberg for what the big M has in store for Xbox gamers this year.

Announced at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in California, Microsoft’s vice president of Microsoft Game Studio said that “our existing fans and new ones alike will find something here to delight them and their families.”

This year’s Kinect line-up will include some heavy action from Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon” series (“Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier”), Crytek’s Roman wrestling simulation “Ryse”, and Lionhead’s adventure role-playing title “Fable: The Journey”.

The dream of every geek is finally coming true with "Kinect Star Wars": you'll finally become a true (on-screen) Jedi.

One title we expect will get a lot of attention is “Kinect Star Wars”, a new game that aims to bring the Star Wars universe in a way it never has before: without a controller. From what we know, you’ll be able to participate in lightsabre battles, fly in pod races, and even control the force.

Fitness junkies look to lose even more weight (and possibly gain some muscle) with yoga in the form of “The Deepak Chopra Project” and a title based off of the mixed-martial arts UFC sport (“UFC Personal Trainer”).

Not just compatible with the Kinect, "Forza 4" will have some amazing graphics.

Revheads will no doubt sink their teeth into “Forza Motorsport 4”, and we’re told that Kinect will track the heads of gamers letting them look around your car and see a better view of the road as they drive.

Gamers who fell in love with “Dance Central” last year (we did too) will love the news that a sequel is coming, bringing new music and multiplayer game experiences. “Kinect Sports” also gets a round two in the form of “Kinect Sports: Season Two”, a new title that will bring American football, golf, darts, tennis, skiing, and baseball.

"Kinect: Disneyland Adventures" will let you fly with Peter Pan.

And if you’ve got little ones, we hear that titles such as “Kinect: Disneyland Adventures” , “Kinect Fun Labs”, and “Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster” which will let your kids interact with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, and teach them life lessons.