Microsoft Xbox 360 – another price drop

Microsoft today has lowered the price of the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system in Australia to a starting price of $299.00 RRP. With Christmas just around the corner, all Xbox consoles will come with complimentary games for a limited time at participating retailers.

Price changes

Model Previous RRP New RRP Saving
Xbox 360 Arcade $349 $299 $50
Xbox 360 $499 $399 $100
Xbox 360 Elite $649 $549 $100


New user interface

“At the end of the month Xbox owners will be able to download a new user interface for their consoles, effectively updating the console. The New Xbox Experience is cleaner and more user-friendly and will allow users to create online parties, chat with friends, share pictures, create avatars of themselves and much more,” says Jeremy Hinton, Xbox group product marketing manager, Australia and New Zealand.

The 3 Xbox 360s

The full contents of the three entertainment systems are:

Xbox 360 Arcade: Great for those looking to hit the ground running and allow consumers to customise as they wish. Includes the Xbox 360 video game console and entertainment system, wireless controller, and composite AV cable, 256MB memory and Xbox LIVE 5 Arcade 5 game compilation disc including Pac-Man Championship Edition and UNO.

Xbox 360: With a 60GB hard drive it’s a LIVE-ready experience for fans of interactive entertainment. Includes the Xbox 360 video game console and entertainment system, 60GB hard drive, Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 headset, component high definition AV cable and an Ethernet Connectivity Cable.

Xbox 360 Elite: For those looking for a premium experience the Elite offers twice the storage of the Xbox 360 and a stylish black finish. Includes the black Xbox 360 Elite video game and entertainment system, 120GB hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox 360 headset, component HD AV cable, HDMI cable, an Ethernet Connectivity Cable and a complimentary 30-day trial Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

Is this a clearing of stock ahead of a new Xbox?