Microsoft Xbox 360 hops on board the price drop express

Microsoft Australia has today announced that as of September 22, the Xbox 360 Elite will sell for $449, a drop of $100. This follows hot on the heels of Sony’s new PlayStation 3 Slim, which in addition to being smaller and more power efficient than the previous PS3, also had a price drop from $699 to $499. So in the rundown to Xmas, Games Console Wars 2009 has begun!

So the current Xbox 360 range is:

  • Xbox 360 Elite – $449 RRP
  • Xbox 360 Pro – $399 RRP
  • Xbox 360 Arcade – $299 RRP

Not only has the Xbox 360 Elite price dropped, but if you buy one between the dates of September 22 and October 20, you’ll also receive as a bonus a copy of the upcoming Halo 3: ODST videogame – that itself will retail for around the $100 mark, so it’s a pretty good deal.

Microsoft has also reminded us today that all Xbox 360 models on sale now will work with the recently shown Project Natal – if you haven’t heard of it, or seen what it can do, read our story Project Natal – Microsoft outWiis the Wii? – there’s an embedded video on this page, so you can actually see what those crazy Microsoft games boffins have been up to.