Microsoft’s Kinect gets priced for Australia

If the Nintendo Wii and Sony Move are anything to go by, the future of gaming is heading towards total immersion. Microsoft’s answer to this is in the form of the Kinect sensor, and it’ll be here later this year.

“Kinect offers tremendous entertainment value for the whole family and those who are new to video games, with nothing in your hands and no buttons to press,” said David McLean, the head of Xbox for Microsoft Australia and New Zealand.
The Kinect sensor – previously known as Project Natal – features a camera, depth sensor, and microphone to capture your voice, body, and reactions and use them inside video games.
Heading to stores late this year, Microsoft’s Kinect will be priced at $199 and come with a free title, “Kinect Adventures”.
Much like how Wii Sports introduced gamers to the Wii, Kinect Adventures will get gamers into using Microsoft’s Kinect controller.
An introduction to the world of Microsoft’s new controller, “Kinect Adventures” will let gamers play in space, jump around in obstance courses, and even explore an underwater observatory.
Gamers who lack an Xbox 360 will be able to buy an Xbox 360 package consisting of a new black Xbox 360 with 4GB built-in memory (instead of the 250GB hard drive), the new Kinect sensor, and the Kinect Adventures title for $449 RRP when the Christmas season rolls around.