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We hope you weren’t set on a new computer, because two more are on the way, and from the looks of things, these could be winning improvements.

Overnight, Microsoft has made some announcements that affect the world of Windows, and now that Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been out in the world for a few months, the company is keen to talk about how it’s going.

For instance, in the few months since Windows 8.1’s replacement arrived, it has been installed on 110 million devices, which Microsoft says has been updated at three times the rate of Windows 7 within the same time frame.

With that in mind, the company is ready with hardware, or about ready, anyway, designing new computers for its new operating system, and talking up apps for its ecosystem, which it hopes more people will use.


The hardware is what grabs us from this announcement, however, and as expect, Microsoft has an update for its Surface Pro line of computers.

That update adds a number and slims down on some others, as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 jumps to the Surface Pro 4, which in turn adds new specs, drops in size and increases some of the technology to be better for everyone.


Let’s start with the specs, and this time we’re jumping from the Intel fourth-gen Core processors of the Pro 3 up a couple of generations to the sixth-generation Core technology known as “Skylake”, relying on either a Core M3 for the low end, all the way up to Core i5 and i7 processors in the high end. The weight doesn’t take much of an increase with either, with the low-end m3 model fetching 766 grams while the more performance capable i5 and i7 variants will barely tip the scales at 786 grams.

Inside, you’re talking between 4 and 16GB RAM, while storage jumps from 128GB and can hit all the way up to 1TB if you need it, while wireless options cater for Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac WiFi.


The screen has also been updated, with the 3:2 aspect ratio sticking around from last time, but both the size and the resolution jumping, as 12 inches jumps to 12.3 and the resolution moves on from 2160×1440 to 2736×1824.

That might look like just a bunch of numbers to you, but what that translates to is a sharper screen with more “Retina-like” graphics, beating both the Surface Pro 3’s 216 pixels per inch and the MacBook Pro 13 inch’s 221 ppi (pixels per inch) count with 267 ppi on the Pro 4.

Microsoft’s screen has also been updated to support a new pen which provides up to 1024 points of pressure from the updated Surface Pen, which itself looks a little more like a pencil now, while the cameras built into the body can play with Windows Hello, meaning you can unlock a Surface Pro 4 simply by looking at it.