Miele masks the rangehood in the kitchen ceiling

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If you’re building a kitchen, the place where you stick that oh-so-necessary rangehood is typically obvious: above the stove backed against a wall. But if your stove is on an island, what then?

Miele has a solution and it’s a rather nifty one, especially if you’re itching to redo the kitchen.

It comes in the form of the Miele DA2906, a rangehood extractor that can be built into the ceiling, providing an unencumbered view of the kitchen without any metallic extraction blocks in the way.

We need to make it known that this is still a smoke and vapour extractor, it just doesn’t have the long and protruding vent system built into the body like other rangehoods. Rather, this one has a much smaller vent that gets stored in the ceiling, sucking up vapour through a glass or stainless steel set of panels that more resembles a skylight than a kitchen utility.


Of particular note is some wireless connectivity if you happen to have a Miele induction cooktop being used with it. In cooktops that support Miele’s “Con@activity 2.0” platform (we couldn’t make that name up if we tried), the rangehood will automatically switch on to deal with cooking levels being used on a compatible Miele stove top.

But if you don’t have one, or even if you do and you prefer to exert a little manual control, you don’t have to stand on a ladder to turn the extraction system on, grabbing a remote control and controlling the power and lighting from the DA2906 ranged from below.

Installation on this one won’t be as simple as buying an appliance, that said, so make sure to grab a qualified tradesperson, especially since this model does need to be installed into the roof, which isn’t likely to be something you can just do a DIY job on.

If that doesn’t faze you, Miele’s DA2906 ranged can be found at select stockists now for a recommended retail price of $5799.