You’re not forced into using the Miele TwinDos or CapDosing liquids either, with regular detergents able to be used in the machine, as well, if need be.

The T1 dryer also has a new feature, and again, it’s based on this dispersion idea that Miele is throwing into its washing machine, offering up “FragranceDos”, which by now you can probably guest is a similar liquid dispersing system that can spread fragrance on clothes as they dry that Miele says lasts up to four weeks.


Beyond the liquid additions, both units appear to be matched to each other, not just in features, but also in design and eco credentials, with the washing machine rated for 5 star energy and 5 star water, while the dryer boasts a 6 star rating for energy, which is pretty impressive for a tumble dryer.

They’re also matched on pricing, however, and unless you’re good with spending close to $5K on each appliance, you won’t be trying out these new appliances, because that’s pretty much where they sit.


If that figure won’t throw you, no worries, because you’ll find the Miele W1 (left) and T1 (right) from Miele Experience Centres and any other place selling the brand from early December, each for a recommended retail price of $4499.