Miele T 4805 C MedicDry

What it is


A condenser dryer with special hygiene drying programs designed to appeal to allergy sufferers

Essential info

This condenser dryer has hygiene programs including ‘minimum iron’ and ‘pillows’ plus a pollen filter on the exhaust air, also good for allergy sufferers.


850 x 595 x 580 mm (H x W X D)

What we liked

  • Sloping fascia for easy access to the wash load inside the drum
  • Low temperature option for delicate items
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Electronic controls designed by Miele
  • The safety feature, ‘Empty condensed water container’ indicator (for peace of mind)
  • Secondary filter to prevent build-up of fluff in the condenser unit

And what we didn’t

Its energy rating is only two stars

Product trivia

You can match this dryer with Miele’s W 3845 WPS MedicWash washing machine.

More information

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Hygiene cycles, made in Germany, sloping fascia for ease of access, low temperature drying cycle option
Low energy rating (two star)