Millennius enters 4K with a big TV carrying a small price

The content may still be lacking, but 4K TVs are getting easier to find, and now that Kogan is entering the Ultra HD world, it’s time for one of Kogan’s cost-cutting competitors to do the same, with an 84 inch model inbound.

“Everyone shopping for TVs wants the most bang for their bucks, and I believe these two offerings, the first of many we hope to be able to provide in the near future, will provide that,” said Pierre Boutros, founder of the Australian e-tailer Millennius, adding “especially for those looking for TVs at the upper end of the size and features scale.”

Those two offerings definitely sit in the upper end of size, that much we can agree on, with 65 inch and 84 inch display sizes, but only the 84 inch model offers Ultra HD resolution, making it one of only a few companies to offer a 4K TV above 80 inches, competing against LG, Sony, and Samsung in this country.

The 65 inch model is less about 4K and more about Full HD, that said, with a $1499 price tag and Android built in, as well as WiFi, a PVR working through USB, and 3D support, with the TV expected to hit doorstops for delivery in November.

Also expected in November is the Millennius 84 inch UHD TV, which features an LG Ultra HD 3840×2160 panel supporting 3D (we suspect passive, since passive 3D is included in similar LG panels), PVR built in working with a USB port, and three HDMI ports.

One thing we are missing out on is if the Millennius 4K TV will include HDMI 2.0 ports, and while we’ve been asking, we’re doubting it and expecting HDMI 1.4 instead, making it great for current content, but not for the future of media players and computers designed to offer better frame rates.

At $6499, this lack of future proofing — expected lack of future proofing, anyway — might be fine for many, since its competitors still charge over $10K for similar UHD sizes.

If, however, you can’t deal with having something that is a little dated in regards to 4K compatibility, and 4K future proofing, it might be best to hold off and look for something else, at least until Millennius gets back to us to tell us otherwise.