There’s a problem with non-mainstream smart phones. Cases.

When a new iPhone model is imminent, or the Samsung Galaxy SX is about to be launched, it seems that third party manufacturers are provided information about the new models. No doubt on signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with terms involving the forfeiture of first borns should it be breached, they must receive sufficiently detailed physical specifications to allow the design of cases for the new models.

How else to explain the launch of cases for new models at the same time the phone is launched?

That’s fine for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone owners. And, to a lesser extent, those with phones from Sony, Motorola, LG, Google, HTC and a couple of other brands. But choices for those are limited, and what about Oppo? Alcatel? Huawei? ZTE? Kogan? And no doubt others which have slipped my mind.

Several of those brands ship with their own plastic sides-and-back cases, which is a nice bonus and they are better than nothing for protection. But many people like a stylish “Wallet” style case, and premium phones from several of those brands are certainly worthy of treatment.


The adhesive block can slide up and down, snapping to either end

Now 3SIXT has launched two fancy cases designed for use with any phone up to a certain size. Called the “Universal Book Wallet”, one is for phones with a screen up to four inches, while the other is for larger 5.2 inch phones.

Both have a nice, black leatherette finish on the outside. I’m assuming it’s not leather, even though it feels like it, because I’m sure there’d be an explicit claim to that effect if it were. The inside cover has a suede-like feel. A strap folds over from the back to the front, holding the cover closed. This is held lightly by magnet, so there’s no struggle with engaging or releasing it, but it’s held sufficiently firmly so that it won’t come undone, releasing the front cover, as the phone slips from your fingers and falls to  the ground.