Mintt Duo 3 – even cheaper than sliced bread

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We all like sliced bread – some prefer sourdough, multi-grain, wholemeal, artisan or even gluten-free. The Mintt Duo 3 is the white bread of this ‘bread and butter’ smartphone company.

That is not an insult to Mintt (more info here) or the Mintt Duo 3 – more a positioning statement. And it is a use statement too – this is an everyday smartphone that provides all Android 9 features at Woollies white bread prices. Reserve exceptional bread (like its Mintt UltraMintt Y3) for those with a bigger budget.

And that is how we feel about using the Mint Duo 3 for a week or two. It does everything white bread is supposed to do!

Mintt Duo 3

Website here

Price: $179 online only via Mintt

Mintt Duo 3

This is a mini-review because it is essentially a slightly parred down version of the $199 Mintt Coolmintt A3. It received 4.5/5 in GadgetGuy reviews.

So let’s look at the differences

Item Duo 3 Coolmintt A3
Display 5.7” IPSHD+ Waterdrop Display 6.08” IPS Full-Screen Display
Ram/Storage 3/32/microSD same
Processor MTK6739 4 x Cortex-A53 1.28GHz same
Camera rear 13 MP+ 0.3 MP Dual Rear Camera same
Camera front 8MP Front Selfie Camera same
Dual Sim yes unnlocked
All Australian 4G bands
Battery 2700mAh removable
micro-USB 5V/1A
3000mAh removable same
Comms Wi-Fi N
BT 3.5mm jack and earphone
Security 2D facial recognition
Fingerprint sensor
Android 9 – full version same
Size 148 x 72.5 x 9.6mm x 174g
Screen protector and clear case
157 x 74 x 9mm x 180g
Obsidian Silver
Warranty 2-years same

For $20 less, you lose a little screen size and battery capacity. That is it.

So forgive us – every parameter except the two above gave the same test results – so read the Mintt Coolmintt A3 review here.

GadgetGuy’s take – short and sweet

White bread – perfect for a Bunning’s sausage sizzle, toast and vegemite, or a sanger.

Mintt Duo 3 – perfect as a basic Android smartphone that will not disappoint. One I would happily give kids, mum, and even friends who wanted a basic, no-frills smartphone.

It earns extra points for an excellent 2-year warranty and a removable battery.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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One of the better low costs, full Android 9 smartphones
Excellent 2-year warranty
Removable battery and 3.5mm audio
None really as long as your expectations match your budget