Mintt SetMeUp white-glove delivery and setup service

Mintt SetMeUp

Mintt has launched SetMeUp – it is Mintt’s white-glove delivery and setup service to take one more of the pain points out of buying a new phone.

The Mintt SetMeUp service is a pilot program for Sydney and Melbourne and will be rolled out nationally later.

Fix2U provides the Mintt SetMeUp service (details here) for a flat fee of $69. Fix2U will arrange a suitable delivery time to come over and set up the phone, transfer data, photos and apps and make sure you get going immediately with your new Mintt smartphone.

Mintt SetMeUp

To Mintt’s (and GadgetgGuy’s) knowledge SetMeUp is an Australian first (if not a world first).

Damian Ames, General Manager of Mintt (Australia) Pty Ltd said:

“We’re launching with the pilot programme in Sydney and Melbourne, and we will be expanding this super-flexible delivery and expert set-up service across Australia. It is our way of helping as many customers as possible get the very most from their latest smartphone features. It’s all about convenience and providing excellent service.

We also offer a full 2-year warranty, with all our smartphones having the required RCM certification and full ACMA compliance for use in Australia. We are a specialist technology company where price, value and service matter.”

Mintt is also offering a gift wrap service for $4.95 to enable gifting.

GadgetGuy has covered Mintt’ Australian launch and its phones here.

Mintt SetMeUp range

Fix2U and Mintt SetMeUp – the fine print

The SetMeUp service is a trial. It is initially within 10km of the Sydney and Melbourne CBD.

Fix2U is a phone repair company and not just a well-meaning geek. It is looking for more “Repair Heroes’ to expand this service.

Transfer from an Android phone maintains any free or purchased apps from Google Play – similar iOS apps are usually on Google Play either free or at a cost.

The only caveat is that the fee covers 30-minutes on-site from 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays – that should be fine for most. If you want after hours or weekends, more time for training or there are complications with your old phone requiring a callback, then standard fees apply.

But hey, that is a lot better than any frustration at not being able to use a phone immediately. And you get to know a person that can assist in any smartphone issues or repairs down the track.

GadgetGuy’s take – SetMeUp is a great idea

As a GadgetGuy, I am always asked by relatives and friends to help set up their new phones. It is really the major pain point in swapping handsets. From what I can ascertain, Fix2U are Australian owned and a very reputable company with an excellent service rating.

This will be a major boon to the ‘technophobes’ out there that simply want something to work.

Mintt SetMeUp