Mirror’s Edge to return… when it’s ready

Good things come to those who wait, and if you’re a gamer and remember the visual awesomeness that was DICE’s “Mirror’s Edge,” you’ve probably been wanting a sequel. Well, here’s the good news: something is coming.

But where ever there’s good news, bad news follows.

That bad news is that, while it’s coming soon, that soon is probably off in the distance and at least a year away.


Electronic Arts and DICE do have a trailer for the futuristic parkour action game, though, and the in-game footage looks very, very nice. We can’t wait.

It’s not a sequel, but rather a “reboot,” and will only come to the next-gen platforms (Xbox One, PS4) and the PC, so if you’re sitting there with a 360 and hoping for the new run-jump-punchspectacular that is Mirror’s Edge, think again.

For now, though, check the trailer above to see what the new title will look like. We’re already hyped.

Mirror's Edge. Coming eventually.