Mission’s 79 series loudspeakers – serious sound

Never an outfit to waste descriptors when a single one will do (M series, E series…), Mission has paraded its new ’79’ series loudspeaker range to devout audiophiles, ranging from the $999 790 monitor unit to a $2,599 79AS active sub and $3,999 796-model floorstander.

The parsimonious approach to language ends with the model numbers, though, as Mission introduces a startling array of geek-speak to describe the bleeding-edge tech componentry inside the speakers.

Viotex tweeters, Parawave drivers, Polaymide bass, Aramid fibres, profiled baffles and direct-coupled crossovers all conspire in their huddled cabal of technological marvels to kill resonance, minimise standing waves, increase linear motion and take the shortest path to wherever they’re heading, producing “full signal purity” for you and your tunes.

The technology-stuffed 796 received a 2008 design and engineering award from the CES Innovations team, and for front stage duties in a surround sound set up, can be mated with the $999 79c centre speaker.