Mobiles rule eBay as the portable edition turns five

It turns out Apple isn’t the only company celebrating a birthday this year, with eBay dropping by (or should we say “buy”) to let us know that its app was there from the beginning, helping you find stuff to buy while we were all bored and/or stuck in transit.

The second of two five year anniversaries in a week, eBay has performed some researched to find out just how we’ve been shopping, and apparently, we’re all doing a fair bit of spending from our mobiles.

In fact, these days, 32 percent of what is bought and sold on eBay is handled through mobile devices, with 600,000 people having their first eBay experience through the mobile app.

Given how often we’re all using our smartphones, it’s unlikely to surprise anyone, and as tablet purchases go up, eBay is expecting the 13 billion dollar value sold through eBay’s mobile service to push to around 20 billion this year.

Aside for the factoids about the service, eBay’s research has also found that Australians like to shop while watching a movie, during a meeting, in the shower, with one in five finding something to buy while sitting on the toilet.

Here’s hoping it wasn’t to buy toilet paper.