Moleskine hopes to go beyond the analog to digital in more than the Smart Writing Set, with a range of products called “Moleskine+” which even includes notebooks made for Livescribe, Evernote, and Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

“The tools and services we provide in our Moleskine+ collection are designed to help people bridge the divide between analog and digital,” said Peter Jensen, Head of Digital Innovation at Moleskine.

“The Smart Writing Set represents a major step forward by creating an easy-to-use system that enables you to capture ideas as they happen and continue to work on them as they develop.”


Checking with Telegram Co., Australia’s Moleskine distributor, we’re told that only one store will be getting the Smart Writing Set at first, with NoteMaker getting the kits initially. There’s no launch date or pricing as of yet, though with a US price of $199, we’d say Aussies can expect closer to the $299 to $349 mark for this kit.

We’re looking to get our hands on it soon enough, though, so if the idea grabs you — particularly if you’re keen on continuing writing amidst calls to go digital — stay tuned, as we’ll have all the info you’ll need to tread both sides of the analog and digital divide.