Monitors go green as ViewSonic eyes fatigue and efficiency

If you’re using a laptop at the moment and need that screen to be a little bigger, there’s a good chance you’re plugging it into a monitor on a desk of some sort, but is that monitor good for the environment or your eyes?

Those are questions few think about when they’re thinking of buying a monitor, but depending on what their opinions are on eye fatigue, and then power usage, they may end up being important.

This week, ViewSonic is chiming in with a solution for both of those in the form of new monitors aimed at reducing the effects of blue light and the stress it can give to eyes, while also cutting down on the amount of power consumed by the monitors when in use.


The developments are coming from the ViewSonic VA65 range of monitors, with a 22 inch and a 24 inch arriving in this series for under $250, each with a Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) Vertical Alignment (VA) panel that offers wider viewing angles than monitors with Twisted Nematic (TN) displays often seen in monitors hitting under the $300 mark.

Aside for a wider viewing angle, the monitors will use a backlight that apparently keeps the power stream steady instead of switching on and off continuously as it does with some displays, which should get rid of flickering.

ViewSonic’s take on the aforementioned reduction of blue light comes in the form of several modes that allows the harshness of the light to be toned down to deal with what is being seen on screen without affecting colour adversely, with screen options for gaming, movie watching, web browsing, and reading text, too.


Power usage is said to be important on this series, too, with a ViewSonic representative telling GadgetGuy that the series of monitors “uses a better transformer which includes low impedance material that will support the power supply to achieve high efficiency”.

If you’re hoping that means the power efficiency is better, you’d be right, with this working with the VA display technology to result in a 6-star energy certification.

“ViewSonic LCD displays have been praised for its features and technologies by global consumers,” said Max Hsu, PM Director for ViewSonic Asia Pacific.

“Our selected ViewSonic VA65 displays are specifically designed with prestigious eye-care and energy saving technologies, which are usually only available in high end models,” said ViewSonic’s Max Hsu. “In the future, ViewSonic will keep the advantage and introduce more products with health benefits and green concepts.”


For now, you’ll find the greener technologies in the 22 inch VA2265SMH for $159 and the 24 inch VA2465SH version for either $229 or $249 depending on if you want it with speakers or not (the more expensive option comes with speakers).