Monopoly ditches the square, draws a Revolution

The board game for property barons in training, Monopoly is marking its 75th birthday with a makeover worthy of any TV reality show. The conventional square board has been replaced by a circular board in the special anniversary ‘Monopoly Revolution’ – a name it maker, Hasbro, intends to reflect the board’s new circular shape and the departure it represents from previous iterations.

Intended for the US market, Revolution presents landmark New York addresses – from Oriental Avenue to Park Lane and Boardwalk – as triangular slivers (pieces of pie rather than squares of pavement) and substitutes the traditional shoe and car player pieces for modern-looking translucent symbols.

The changes to the traditional Monopoly aren’t just cosmetic either, with the Revolution edition providing a card-based payment system instead of cash money for all transactions.

Australian pricing and availability is unknown, but if Monopoly Revolution goes on sale locally this year it will most likely sell for between $50 and $80.