More than pods: DeLonghi aims to make great coffee even easier

The pod-based coffee machines that Nespresso frequently touts aren’t for everyone, as some of us just fancy real beans turned into real coffee in front of our very eyes. DeLonghi has come up with a way to combine the ease of pods and the complexity of beans into a machine that does it all for you.

Designed to change the way you make coffee at home, the PrimaDonna XS is a new machine from DeLonghi that aims to be compact, but also has been engineered to be as high quality as many of the big machines the cafes use.

Sitting at 19.5cm wide, it’s not a wide machine, though being a coffee machine, there is a fair amount of depth to it.

Inside this machine, you’ll find a burr grinder to send the beans to a more granular state, cup warmer up top, and a removable milk frothing container with a built in cleaning function to remove the milk from the sides and keep everything spick and span.

While coffee machines can often be complicated, the PrimaDonna XS has single buttons for specific types of coffee, such as cappuccino, latte, latte, or one or two espressos. No fiddly nobs or dials or controls or switches like the big machines have.

Grabbing one of these won’t be cheap, however, with DeLonghi supplying a recommended retail price of $1999 with the PrimaDonna XS.

If you’re interested, expect to find it in appliance stores from mid-July.