Moshi delivers a stand-up case for iPhone owners

Sick of holding your phone? Apparently some people are, and if you’re one of them and would prefer a desk, a rock, or another flat surface does your phone holding for you from here on in, there’s a stand for that.

The stand is called the Kameleon, and while we have a strong urge to correct the spelling of that to something more chameleon-like, Moshi assures us that the spelling is right provided you’re talking about a stand-up case series made for the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


The cases are made from a combination of materials, with polycarbonate (plastic) protecting the metal-bodied smartphone, while Moshi continues the metal look and feel with an aluminium kickstand that sits on a light hinge and folds out when you need the iPhone to stand horizontally or up in a portrait style.

Inside the case, though, it’s all lush, with a microfibre lining providing some cushioning for the edge of the phone, with the outside relying on that plastic to provide some scratch and shock resistance.


Pricing on the kickstand case is pretty close regardless of what size iPhone you have, with the iPhone 6 Moshi Kameleon fetching a price of around $65, while the iPhone 6 Plus variant can be found for $70.

All of the variants can be found in black, white, and brushed titanium, and Moshi sends word that various retailers around Australia should have these now.