Motorcyclists gain wireless audio cred from Interphone

If you take to the streets on two wheels, you don’t get to listen to the radio. That’s one of the disadvantages of taking a motorbike, but a little gadget could help fix that.

Designed to be small and yet provide an audio stream from your smartphone, the Interphone Fbeat could become a rider’s best friend, providing music streams from smartphones and media players over Bluetooth, as well as GPS support and phone call audio with a device that is compatible with most helmets out there.

It also supports the smaller motorcyclist telecom systems that many of these devices have provided access for in the past, but Interphone was quick to point out that communication between cyclists isn’t the primary reason it exists.

“The Fbeat is different from other Interphone audio devices in the way it’s designed more so for the solo rider, rather than rider-to-rider communication,” said Dave Maddock, Australian Brand Manager for Interphone.

“We wanted to provide the highest quality audio experience across all functions of the Fbeat in an affordable package, so whether you’re listening to music or making phone calls – the sound is crisp and clear.”

A DSP filter is also part of the system that will shift the audio to compensate for sounds outside the helmet, while the GPS link from your smartphone will be able to tell you what directions to take via audio.

Pricing for Interphone’s Fbeat comes in at $149.95, with availability in select stockists across Australia now.