Motorola MotoFone F3: a phone that just wants to be a phone

The MotoFone F3 is the mobile for those who want a mobile that?s a phone, a phone, and nothing but a phone. Unlike most models today, there?s no camera, music player, organiser, colour screen, MMS or GPS functions; it makes voice calls and sends text messages ? pure and simple.

Its stripped down nature is a deliberate move by Motorola, which is pitching the F3 at first-time mobile users and those fed up with complex menus and features. To this end, it offers dual band GSM, long battery life, speakerphone, a range of ring tones, a terrifically clear and bright screen that uses ?electronic paper? technology to display large, legible numbers, plus a keypad that?s accommodating of fat fingers. Simplicity doesn?t come at the cost of the style, however, with the F3 maintaining the slim, lightweight attributes of the Motorola family.