Motorola rollable phone hints at an exciting future for displays

Rollable screen technology is one of the new frontiers many of the biggest tech companies are tackling right now. Motorola showed off its concept rollable phone and laptop at MWC earlier this year, along with the possibilities it unlocks.

Similar in philosophy to foldable flip phones, rollable displays combine a compact form factor with the added flexibility of a large screen. It lets you easily fit a device in your pocket when not in use but still get the benefits of a generous display, which is pretty nifty.

We like what Motorola has done with the Razr flip phone in recent years, so it’s exciting to see what’s on the horizon. We already have options aplenty when it comes to different types of phones, but more choice is always better.

Motorola rollable phone makes a splash at MWC

Although not confirmed for an official release any time soon, Motorola’s concept phone certainly has our attention. When you hold the phone in your hand, you can see how the display rolls around the bottom to the other side. When watching video content, such as YouTube, the screen automatically extends from its resting 15:9 ratio to an eye-grabbing 22:9. When it does this, the display expands from five inches to 6.5 inches.

Like foldable phones, the rollable phone concept showed off how you can use the novel design to frame photos. In our YouTube video touring Motorola’s MWC booth, you can see that the phone streamlines selfie-taking and checking photo composition.

Similar rollable technology was also on show in laptop form. Motorola and Lenovo have worked closely together in recent years on phone and laptop devices, with the shared DNA seen in the concept rollable laptop. At 12.7 inches and an unusual 4:3 ratio in its standard configuration, the laptop screen unrolls out to a sizable 15.3-inch 8:9 ratio display.

Both devices remain in the concept phase, with no word on commercial availability yet. It’ll still be a while until you can play with the technology in stores, but future devices may take advantage of current experimentation.

ThinkPhone seamlessly connects your devices

Another collaboration between Motorola and Lenovo also shown at MWC, one that has since entered the market, is the ThinkPhone. We reviewed the device recently, enamoured by the way it connects your phone and Windows laptop setup.

In a similar vein to how Apple devices let you swiftly send digital assets via its ecosystem, the ThinkPhone also enables workers to easily access files between devices. Even though the ThinkPhone is marketed as an enterprise product, the concept of inter-device connectivity is one that should appeal to creatives as well.

Not every concept shown at a trade show sees the light of day. However, Motorola’s continual display innovations always offer an interesting glimpse at the future of technology.

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