In case the last two years weren’t an indication, the next big gadget the world wants you to buy isn’t a phone, but rather a smartwatch, and the creator of the first circular smartwatch has a few more it’ll be showing off this year.

At IFA this year, smartwatches are almost as important as smartphones, as the makers of these devices find a way to bridge your life as it exists on a phone with your life viewed through a watch.

Motorola was one of the first companies to embrace smartwatch technology last year when it teamed up with Google for the first circular Android Wear smartwatch, and while it’s not the only company out there with something like this, the company still wants to stay ahead of the game.

To do this, however, you need new products, and at IFA in Germany this year, that’s exactly what Motorola has done, showing off new Moto 360 models that keep the name, the same basic design, but upgrade some other important bits and pieces.


One of these upgrades is in the size, because the 2015 Moto 360 won’t just be available in one size, with either a 42mm size for women, or a 42mm or 46mm size for men. We’re sure if a lady wanted a 46mm model, we should have it, but Motorola is saying there will be a women’s collection — “Moto 360 for Women” it’s called — that will be just for women, more elegant, and will be 42mm only.

Quick release bands will now be a part of the design, with a design allowing you to change wrist straps when you want to easily, which Motorola says should allow a quick and easy swap between leather and metal.