MP3 your motor

Some cost a lot, and some not. We examine the myriad ways of injecting MP3 into your daily drive.

Anyone who’s been driving for more than 20 years will of course remember the good old days of in-car entertainment. We had so much! There was I Spy. There was counting telegraph poles. There was even painstakingly picking the registration sticker off the back window when your parents weren’t watching. And of course there was AM radio.

Those muffled, mono broadcasts were all that drivers in the 70s, 80s and even some poor folk in the 90s had.

Nowadays of course, even the cheapest of new cars comes with a factory-fitted CD player. And it’s very true that familiarity breeds contempt; despite having access to digital stereo music and both AM and FM radio, drivers want something more.

Specifically, they want even more music. And six-disc stackers are so very mid-90s. It’s time your car embraced high capacity, digital music. It’s time your car got MP3.