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For many, Melbourne Cup means gambling, and if you happen to be on the winning side of a bet, you’ll probably have a few quid to spare, so if you need some help to spend on yourself, here’s a tiny guide, going from little wins to, well, some of the big ones.

Spare change ($10-39)

So you didn’t win much. Well, it happens. There were 22 horses and there could only be one winner, and you didn’t spend much, but hey, a twenty dollar note is still a twenty dollar note.

Chances are, that’s a couple of drinks, or something a little different.

SanDisk Cruzer U

Price: $14-$26

If we had a buck for every time we yelled “does anyone have a spare USB?” we’d probably be able to afford a 16GB stick, which comes in at around $14. At least these have a little loop for you to keep your keys attached to, you know, so we don’t have to yell that out again.

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Canon’s revamped recycled calculator

Price: $23

Do people even need a calculator anymore? We have them in phones and tablets and computers and we’ve even seen them in gaming consoles. But hey, if you need a calculator, do it, and do it in style, with a recycled part calculator. It comes in green. That’s like the colour of money… at least in some parts of the world.

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ChargeKey: an iPhone plug on a keyring

Price: $30

This is one of those useful gadgets that you can order from overseas and will make sure you always have an iPhone Lightning connector or a microUSB plug with you at all times, because this hangs on your keyring.  Sure, you’ll want a USB port, but you probably have a computer for that.

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Not too shabby ($40-99)

Fifty bucks is nothing to sneeze over, but and if you don’t mind a little gift, here are some choices:

Moshi Digits

Price: $40

It’s not cold anymore, but if you’re heading somewhere cold, Moshi’s Digits will let you keep your fingers warm and still use that smartphone or tablet, with conductive fibres sewn into the mittens.

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Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie Maker

Price: $70

What would end a great win? Toasties. Toasties make everything better, especially in the morning. With cheese. And ham. And tomato. *runs off to the kitchen to get one*

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Lavazza Minu

Price: $99

You’ve been looking for a way to get into easy and reasonably instant espresso for a while, you just didn’t have the inspiration. Now with $99 at the ready, you can grab one of the most compelling options around.

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Chuffed ($100-499)

Grabbing some cash on the positive side of a hundred isn’t bad, and you should give yourself a hand. We’d feel quite chuffed if we won something, so go on and buy yourselves something.

Lexar 128GB microSDXC

Price: $127

Android and Windows phone and tablet owners know they can upgrade their devices — most of them, anyway — so with your winnings, why not grab an update that’ll bring more storage? If you own a device with support for microSDXC, you may find 128GB is something you can use, and if that’s the case, this is one upgrade you’ll love.

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Motorola 360 smartwatch

Price: $329

Motorola managed to beat LG and Samsung to releasing a circular smartwatch, and Australia now has it, with the Moto 360 going on sale on October 31. We’ve seen it and played with it, and if you’re interested in smartwatches and have an Android phone, there’s a good chance you’ll want to, as well.

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Dyson Cool AM06

Price: $449

Dyson’s update to its Air Multiplier fan is quieter and lighter than the previous generation, and while it still doesn’t bring a lot of value, it’s a good option for people who like modern appliances to keep them cool during the warmer seasons.

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Fantastic ($500-2000)

We have one word for you: woot!

Go you. Next time, we’re getting tips from you. Until then, here are our tips for random gadgets you can spend your casually earned winnings on.

Aedle VK-1 headphones

Price: $599

Some of the nicest cans we’ve ever checked out, the VK-1 headphones are handmade, beautifully designed, and aside for the first uncomfortable week of operation — they’re really tight in construction — sound freakin’ amazing.

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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth speaker

Price: $599

Marshall’s entry in the Bluetooth speaker world is basically one of the coolest, snazziest, and most controllable speakers we’ve ever seen. We fell in love, and if you love music and its history, there’s a good chance you will, too.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Price: $699

One of our picks of the year, the Xperia Z3 Compact shows that you don’t need a big size to get a big display in, with a 4.6 inch screen in a small phone, and a battery that hits a day and a bit into the second, as well as a fantastic camera and PlayStation 4 control.

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Apple iPhone 6

Price: from $869

Apple’s best phone to date is also its biggest phone, and just like is expected, there’s a metal body, curved piece of glass, and an Apple experience in a 4.7 inch display. It’s the iPhone worth checking out this year.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Price: from $979

Easily, one of our favourite computers from this year, the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet done right, and done with more than just content consumption in mind. We write so much from this website on one, and we even get a smidgeon of gaming done. Worth checking out.

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