Multi-sensor Arlo Home Security System can detect intruders and fire

Arlo Home Security System lifestyle shot

Smart home security brand Arlo has a new all-in-one system aimed at keeping your home safe, including a discreet multi-sensor you can place anywhere in your house.

Initially shown off at CES 2022, we now know a bit more about the brand’s soon-to-be-released tech. Known as the Arlo Home Security System, it includes a combination of All-in-One multi-sensors and a Keypad Sensor Hub that let you customise your own setup. The small multi-sensors serve various functions such as detecting motion, door and window openings, water leaks, and smoke with in-built alarms. You can place them wherever you feel needs the most attention and gives you peace of mind. These multi-sensors connect to the Keypad Sensor Hub that operates as a control centre, which also doubles as a multi-sensor in its own right.

The idea behind Arlo’s new system is to streamline security installations and to make it easy to contact emergency services when disaster strikes. One-tap access to emergency services is one of the Keypad Sensor Hub’s core features, sending first responders to its location in a crisis. This service is currently only available in the US, but it will be interesting to see when (or if) it arrives in Australia. Regardless, at least power outages shouldn’t be an issue because the Arlo Home Security System uses a battery backup accessory to stay online in a blackout.

Alongside the new sensor technology, you can also connect pre-existing Arlo security cameras and doorbells via the Arlo Secure app for a fully-fledged system. Arlo is running a decent cashback campaign on some of its premium cameras at the moment, including the Pro 4 and Ultra 2 kits we rate highly.

Arlo Home Security System pricing and release date

We’re waiting on local details for the new Arlo gear, while pre-orders are currently live in the US. There, a starter bundle – including a Keypad Sensor Hub, two All-in-One multi-sensors, 30-days of 24/7 professional monitoring, and a window decal – costs US$199.99.

The flexibility afforded by such small sensors should make it easy to customise your home security system to your heart’s content. However, we have no idea if the emergency services features will make it to Australia, which is a big selling point of the latest Arlo tech. Even if it doesn’t reach local shores, the technology alone seems like a good companion to a camera installation.

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