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Music knows no boundaries. The most universal of art forms, a great song can cross borders and bridge cultures seemingly at will. So it’s ironic that most of us can’t even listen to our favourite song in different rooms of the same house without physically ejecting the CD and carrying it out the door.

It doesn’t have to be like that. A whole house or multi-room audio system can set your music free and allow you to enjoy your CD, MP3 or iPod collection wherever you choose.

Audio Connection offers a range of solutions to meet your needs, whether that’s the installation of an additional set of speakers, so you can hear what’s playing in a second room, or the creation of a bespoke system that centralises your music in one spot, allowing you to access and control it from any room in the house – or even outside it.

Imagine being able to call up any song in your library in an instant using a keypad or remote control, and hearing it play in every room of the house or on the deck outside. Now picture being able to turn the music on or off, and the volume up or down, on a room-by-room basis – perfect for home entertainment.

With the right solution, listeners in each room can take complete control of their own music experience, listening in to the same song that’s playing in the main room, or skipping forward and back and changing the tune to whatever they wish. This ‘music server’ technology even comes in handy when you’re listening solo, allowing you to have a song follow you as you walk from room to room. You won’t miss a beat.

In fact if you can dream it, Audio Connection can design it, taking you from conception to completion of your whole house music system. Whether you would like your music to play through your current audio equipment, your home theatre, a stereo or table-top radio, we can build you a system to wirelessly control all your music from the palm of your hand.

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