MWC 2023: everything you need to know

MWC 2023
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Although it hasn’t been long since CES 2023 captured the global tech industry’s attention, another major event is here: MWC 2023.

Also known as Mobile World Congress, it’s one of the biggest trade shows for anyone working in the mobile technology space. Not only do new products get shown, but it also serves as an opportunity for companies to collaborate and discuss tech. Some big announcements have already surfaced, including the local launch of the Oppo Find N2 Flip phone, and the next generation of TCL mobile devices like the NXTPAPER 11 tablet.

What is MWC 2023?

Organised by the global mobile industry body GSMA, MWC is an annual event attended by mobile device manufacturers, carriers, media, and more. It’s been active since 1987 and hosted in Barcelona since 2006. Like CES, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted MWC in recent years, but it’s back to being the large-scale event it was previously when up to 100,000 people attended.

MWC 2023 takes place between 27 February to 2 March, with proceedings kicking off from 8:30 am Central European Time. This year, the event’s themes include 5G technology, immersive technology such as extended reality and metaverse, and connected technology through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Who’s attending?

Expect to see attendances well into the tens of thousands at MWC 2023, with over 200 countries represented. In addition to the likes of Oppo and TCL mentioned before, other major tech companies attending include Lenovo, HMD Nokia, and Motorola, among plenty more.

Big brands like Sony and Samsung are also attending, but are not expected to make major announcements. Samsung, in particular, only just recently launched its flagship Galaxy S23 phones, headlined by the impressive Galaxy S23 Ultra. Understandably, the company wouldn’t want to eat into sales by announcing anything significant too close to such an important annual product launch.

What’s expected at MWC 2023?

To lead into the event, some companies have already made various product announcements. This lets them exhibit new technology on the showfloor, allowing hands-on sessions for attendees. Outside of new products, networking, and business deals, brands also demo concepts, like Lenovo’s rollable mobile tech.

We’ll update you throughout the week with the biggest announcements from MWC 2023, with a primary focus on gear we’re likely to see in Australia. Additionally, we’ll have some live impressions from the event, so check back regularly for the latest news.

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