my gizmo could ease your home tech troubles

A new service from Australian company gizmo now provides households with access to expert help for common computer and technology problems over the phone and internet.

Brett Chenoweth, CEO of gizmo says, “Australians love buying technology and no matter whether it’s a new laptop, plasma TV or some other equipment they typically struggle to set it up and then use it properly.

“According to our research, some 68 per cent of Australians admit to relying on a ‘go-to-guy’ to give up their weekends and nights to help out. And, alarmingly these Australians say they would estimate needing help more than 16 times per year on average.”

Chenoweth adds that “What many Australians don’t know is that 75 per cent of the people they ‘go-to’ actually have someone they themselves call on because they don’t know how to fix the problem. Moreover, three in four go-to people get annoyed by repeated calls for help from their family, friends and colleagues when they could be getting on with life.”

What is my gizmo? And how much is it?

Now, gizmo has the answer for all technology novices and their go-to helpers who don’t want to give up their nights and weekends. Today, gizmo has introduced the new my gizmo subscription service which provides remote computer support to people at home for a highly cost effective annual fee of just $199.00.

my gizmo is a boon for anyone getting used to new technologies such as Windows Vista, Apple iPods, digital cameras, home wireless networks, stopping viruses or problem solving, especially baby boomers and busy professionals.

The my gizmo service provides customers with the peace of mind that gizmo’s highly trained technical customer support experts are available to them whenever they need help. Furthermore, gizmo’s experts avoid “techo-babble” and speak to customers using clear and easy-to-understand language.

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Source: gizmo