The online editor of GadgetGuy is getting married, and while you can say congratulations, he wanted to take the time to show just how technologically involved he has made the wedding, from the e-invites to a 3D plan to keeping the kids busy, and you can, too.

“See, this is what happens when a tech journo plans a wedding,” said Dave Jensen, a former technology journalist and friend of mine, which he said the moment I pulled out just one of the tech savvy things I had created for my wedding.

There has been a lot of work done for this wedding, and a lot of it — most of it, actually — is something my partner can have attributed to her.

But not the tech angle. That’s me, and if you’ve seen how we embrace technology at GadgetGuy, you can imagine how much technology we can use when we’re planning a wedding, because everything — from the invites to the social media to the whole where things go side of things — has had a hand of technology.

This is my tech savvy wedding, and this is how you can make yours tech savvy, too.

Build a website

The first thing we wanted to do was build a website because frankly we wanted to share our special day with everyone, and provide directions and information to the event for people who were coming.

But building a website can often be labelled as hard, complicated, and expensive work, generally left for people who know how to do this thing.

Well yes, you can go down that route, and as a former web developer (this journalist is now mostly a fiddler, but does like to code for fun, as you do), he likes to find paths for everyone that can act as good starting points, but what exactly is a good starting point for a website out of nothing?