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The other issue would be an on-going attention issue, and that’s what happens when a child loses interest in cameras and weddings altogether?

For that, we turn to tablets, and now that slate computers are so cheap that practically anyone and everyone can afford them, you merely grab one, a case that also acts as a stand, and load up a few movies for the children as you normally would.

Most wedding venues will likely have a place where the bride can be dressed and made up for the occasion, and well after the bride and groom have said their vows and become husband and wife, this room is likely being unused, so leave the tablet up there ready to go just in case the little ones need a time out, with a few movies ready to go.

Streaming the day

The last and most important technology addition we had for the wedding started off as a joke.

“We could even stream the wedding to people overseas who can’t come,” I said half jokingly, before realising a split second later that HEY! WE COULD ACTUALLY DO THAT.

We’ve have some experience at live streaming of events, in fact.

During the Consumer Electronics Show of 2013, this journalist built a small system that made it possible for us to stream photos and updates in a constant rolling feed of the show, effectively turning it into a virtual tour of CES.

That experiment was made with an Android camera and some website know-how, as well as a few batteries and a mobile connection, but it worked, and we received some positive feedback on the whole concept. We haven’t revived it in some time, but one day, we’ll bring it back to life.

But my wedding would need something different.

After all, I’ll be standing up there, reciting my vows, doing the whole “husband-to-be” shtick, so I can’t operate the system, which back in 2013 was pretty much manual, requiring photos and text to work.

No, a streaming wedding would have to be done passively, and so for that, we turned to something used by plenty of other people: UStream.

UStream is a solution whereby you can broadcast events using one of the UStream apps, either on a web browser or from a mobile device. Apps for UStream are available on either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, and so you have a fairly decent choice, but basically, to stream, you just create an account at UStream, grab a phone or tablet, set it up, and stream.

From there, anyone can watch the stream on the page setup at UStream’s website and channel, or you can embed the stream on your own page, which in this case, is at the website we mentioned earlier that was created for this purpose.