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For our wedding, we’ve used the Samsung Galaxy Zoom S4, an Android-based smartphone that also has the guts of a camera. Interestingly, while this cameras sports a 10x optical zoom length, we can’t actually use any of that, and we don’t want to. We want the widest length to show as much of the scene as possible.

You can use any smartphone you want, just as long as you can set it up somewhere stable with clear view of whatever you’re planning to stream. With a position ready, download the “UStream” app onto the device, create or login to a UStream account, and start streaming.

The video feed can be shared to friends and family by way of a UStream link, or if you feel like using some of the things you’ve read in this article, you can embed the stream in your webpage, which is what we’ve done.

What the app will do from here is send the stream straight to UStream on around a ten second delay, sharing the feed with viewers, while also recording and storing it for playback at a later time. When the video is over, you can cut the feed from the phone and save the video, leaving it to play on your website, which is what we’re planning on doing.

Is the video feed perfect or insanely high resolution?

No, but it can be done pretty much on the cheap, and if you have friends and family that just unfortunately cannot make it, this will at least ease the burden in a way few would think to do.