NAD C717 Micro DVD Receiver A/V system

NAD’s C717 Micro DVD Receiver A/V system combines a full featured DVD player that will play DVD-Video, DVD+/- R/W, SVCD, CD, CD-R/W together with DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG files and a 30 pre-station AM/FM stereo tuner. It outputs quality progressive scan video via Component, SCART and has a Composite video output.

The conservatively rated 20watt/channel receiver section offers a high efficiency switch mode power supply and class D output stage for 40% more efficiency in comparison to ordinary linear amplifiers. Suited to high quality speaker systems its underrated output belies its satisfying sound levels and at the same time conserves energy.

The receiver also features an A/V input for TV or set-top box together with an Aux audio input and subwoofer output; all catering to system expansion in the future. The on-board AM/FM stereo tuner offers 30 pre-set stations (20FM/10AM) memory and can be set to wake up with music from the FM tuner or the DVD drive.

Supporting NAD’s ‘Music First’ philosophy special attention has been paid to meet the high standards for sonic performance as the company’s other highly acclaimed stereo components. The C717 can be configured in 2-channel (2.0) or 2.1 configuration with a subwoofer providing system options unavailable with other all-in-one systems, allowing you to select the perfect speaker combination for your listening environment. All functions can be controlled via the wireless remote handset.

Video performance is exemplary whether you use the progressive scan featured in digital TVs and displays or the standard interlaced output with older analog sets. These settings are available via Component and SCART to interface with any modern TV. A Composite output is also included together with an Optical Digital Output for direct connection to compatible A/V surround Sound amplifiers and receivers.


The NAD C717 has an RRP of $1,099 and is covered by a nationwide two year warranty.