Naked Geeks – August 24, 2013

With so many of us working on GadgetGuy in the past couple of years, we’ve decided that it’s time we had a podcast, so here’s the official unveiling of…

Naked Geeks is the GadgetGuy podcast which will aim to appear every week, giving your weekends (or any other time you plan on listening) a dose of technology, stripping technology back to its birthday suit and making it easier to understand.

From phones to tablets to computers to TVs, and not forgetting cameras, appliances, headphones, speakers, and so much more, Naked Geeks is about showcasing technology and making it simple.

And on the first episode of the show, we’re diving into the National Broadband Network, and rather than look at the politics of the upcoming election, we’re looking at what the NBN was for, what areas it will benefit, and more so, why proposed changes might actually not be a good thing.

We’ll also take a look at a food dehydrator, and then answer a tech question from a reader. If you have questions you want answered on the show, send a message to our Twitter presence at GadgetGuySite and we’ll get that sorted.

All that, plus some imaginary nudity – we are the Naked Geeks, after all – so check it out. We’re keen to know what you think!