Naked Geeks – December 30, 2013

The end of the 2013 has finally come, and with it, one last Naked Geeks for the year, though it has come a little late.

Apologies for that, but we were making it extra special, because on this show, we’ll be looking at the best of the best of the best with the Golden Shirt Awards, putting on a tux, setting up the fireworks, and celebrating the best gadgets of the year.

We’ll also look at the last of the news of the year, including Microsoft’s gift to Windows Phone owners, how LG plans to make Ultra HD bigger than ever, and Samsung’s plans for a more connected home.

And the last review on the Naked Geeks will be *drumroll* the Google Nexus 5, so in case you’re not up to reading our two page review, why not hear it instead.

All that and more, plus the odd joke or two, and the sound of fireworks, because you can never have enough of those at the end of the year.