Naked Geeks – December 7, 2013

After a month off from being sick, Naked Geeks is back, and this week on the show, we’re returning to life with a guide on how to buy a fridge.

Does the motor matter? How is insulation changing? And on that episode of the Simpsons from season six, is it possible to break a fridge by sitting in front of it and letting the cool air wash over you?

We’ll ask these questions and more to one of the refrigeration experts in the field, and find out just how long Australians keep their fridges for.

We’ve also taken the time to review a few tablets, with Microsoft’s sequel to the Surface making an appearance on the Geeks, while LG’s G Pad 8.3 will also be thrown into our hands to tell you if it’s worth buying.

All that plus the news, which includes how Nintendo is letting people explore an art gallery in Paris from afar, and what’s happening to the USB standard that will make it easier for people to use.