Naked Geeks – November 2, 2013

Naked Geeks this week is all about the future of paying for things, and we’ll talk to MasterCard to find out how Australians have become early adopters of contactless payment technology.

We’ll also spend some time talking up tech news from the week, including news that LG and Google have partnered for the latest Nexus handset, Bang & Olufsen designing some super-spesh speakers, Motorola making phones like Lego blocks, and Lenovo joining forces with Ashton Kutcher for some tablet love.

GadgetGuy’s Valens Quinn will join us in the studio to talk us through an iPad Air review, though you can read what he had to say online if you so choose, and we’ll go hands-on with a new ultra-wide monitor making its way out to stores in the next week or so.

And we’ll get undressed from the bling we’re wearing for the occasion.

That’s the Naked Geeks this week. Listen in and tell us what you think!