Forget boring fairy lights, these outdoor Nanoleaf lights shine

Nanoleaf Outdoor String Lights launch
Image: supplied.

Taking its fancy smart lighting outside, Nanoleaf has announced the multicoloured Outdoor String Lights to spruce up your home.

A bit more swish than your standard fairy lights, the Nanoleaf Outdoor String Lights support more than 16 million colours, offering plenty of customisation. Like many of the smart lighting brand’s products, they pair seamlessly with existing smart home platforms via Matter, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

With the Nanoleaf app, you can customise colour animations and set automations so the lights turn on at scheduled times alongside other devices. Or, if you prefer, just switch them on and off with your voice.

Nanoleaf Outdoor String Lights people
For a more neutral vibe, the lights also support plenty of different temperatures of white. Image: supplied.

When it’s time to party, the Nanoleaf Outdoor String Lights are right there with you. You can set them to animate to music beats, adding a fun ambience to your outdoor setting.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the weather, either. Rated at IP65, the lights are water-resistant, so you won’t need to take them down when rain rolls in.

Nanoleaf Outdoor String Lights price and release date

Available to pre-order now, the outdoor smart lights are due out in the coming months. They start at $199.99 in Australia for a 15m starter kit, with a $329.99 30m kit also available. For reference, the 15m kit includes 20 LED bulbs, while the 30m kit doubles that to 40. If you need more than a starter kit, a 15m expansion pack will set you back $129.99.

To encourage pre-orders, Nanoleaf is also offering a 10% early bird discount when using the code “OSL10” at the checkout. Sales are also common for Nanoleaf lights, like Black Friday, so keep an eye out throughout the year for a bargain.

There has been no shortage of indoor Nanoleaf lights in recent years, so it’s nice to see the outdoors get some love. The smart home brand also launched its skylight range earlier this year and made a splash with its TV-augmenting backlighting last year.

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