Nanoleaf smart lights among the first tech to support Matter

Nanoleaf Essentials Matter compatible for smart homes

Nanoleaf smart lights will be some of the first technology to support Matter, as the company announces its first products that use the new cross-brand smart home protocol.

Three light bulbs (A19, GU10, and BR30 models) and a lightstrip are on track for an early 2023 release, adding to the company’s Essentials range. Similar to other Nanoleaf smart lights, these lights support custom colour configurations controllable through the Nanoleaf App. Here, you can choose from over 16 million colours in addition to different temperature whites between 2,700-6,500K. Additionally, the app lets you set different scenes and schedule colour changes for different times of the day.

Nanoleaf Essentials Matter range
The upcoming Nanoleaf Essentials lights with Matter compatibility.

Due to the fact these lights use the Matter smart home protocol, they should work seamlessly with other devices from different companies that also support Matter. When they launch next year, expect prices to start at $29.99.

Remind me, what’s Matter?

Matter is a new Internet of Things (IoT) wireless protocol from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Instead of different companies using their own wireless technologies that are incompatible with one another, Matter is a single protocol for all connected technology to use.

CSA’s membership includes some of the biggest tech brands in the world: Apple, Amazon, and Google are all collaborating, so their future smart devices use Matter and work seamlessly together. Ikea has also worked on Matter to help make smart homes easier to set up. Other than cross-brand compatibility, Matter’s major selling points also include security and reliability.

After multiple delays, Matter is nearly here. A recent launch event took place in Amsterdam, where Nanoleaf’s lights were among the first devices to gain Matter certification. We won’t see many of these products until 2023 at the earliest, but it’s exciting to know that smart home interoperability is nigh.

Back to Nanoleaf smart lights

Nanoleaf CEO and Co-Founder Gimmy Chu mentioned that preparing for Matter was a long process, one that should amplify the smart home experience.

“For the past two years, our team has been dedicated to bringing these products to life, working very closely within the Connectivity Standards Alliance and Matter Working Group to make this new vision of interoperability and security a reality,” Chu said. “We believe that creating a unified experience that allows all devices to work seamlessly together is the stepping stone towards even more intelligence and automation, for a truly smart smart home experience.”

It’s not the only new announcement from Nanoleaf, either. The company also opened orders for the Lines Squared LED light bars, capable of connecting at 90-degree angles to create bold geometric designs. While not confirmed to be Matter-compatible, the Lines Squares lights double as a Thread Border Router, meaning they should work nicely with other Thread devices like Apple HomeKit.

  • Nanoleaf Lines Squared
  • Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Triangles

Additionally, the previously limited edition Ultra Black Panels introduced to celebrate Nanoleaf’s 10th anniversary are back. If you missed them the first time, the triangular light panels are live on the company’s website.

If all goes well with Matter, smart home technology is set to boom next year. We’ll do our best to keep you posted on when you can get Matter-connected tech in Australia. CES 2023 will likely be a big one for smart home gadgets.

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