NASA offers breakfast with the stars, no celebrities here

As fans of technology, it’s hardly surprising that we’re fans of science too, and one science story really has our attention, with a 160 megapixel image being stitched together of the stars. How awesome is that?

You’ll need a pretty decent internet connection to see this, with the 55 megabyte JPEG image revealing around one million stars.

The picture was stitched together by a team at NASA and America’s Pennsylvania State University, using the Swift satellite to take a gander at ultraviolet light emitted from two close galaxies.

Ultimately, the image was assembled from over two thousand photos, and really details just one section of the sky, which is, as well all know, insanely big.

More information can be found at NASA’s page for the project, including more photos that were stitched together for different sections, and closer photos of the various galaxies.

It really does make you wonder about what’s out there, and if anyone out there was annoyed that they’re never included in the Miss Universe pageants.

Check out: NASA Swift