NASA prints a pizza in the tastiest use of 3D printing yet

2D printers are so passé, and while 3D printers just beginning to grace our shores, the fine people at NASA have found what could possibly be the best use yet: making food.

Actually, the term would be “printing food,” and that’s exactly what Anjan Contractor has come up with in a 3D food printer, which can, over the course of a minute, print pizza.

Originally found at Fast Company, there’s a neat video below showing the technology in action, which was developed by Contractor after NASA funded the operation, which it one day hopes to turn into something astronauts can use, similar to the Star Trek concept of a replicator.

It’s quite cool to see, with a square personal pizza printed in layers, starting with the dough, then the sauce, and then finally the cheese.

The whole thing doesn’t take much more than a minute to cook, and is about the closest we’ve seen to the dream of instant pizza from “Back to the Future 2.”

Seriously, when this gets perfected, we’ll never leave the office again.

The cooked printed pizza. (Credit: Anjan Contractor)