Navman 2018 GPS

Navman 2018 GPS range gets you there (first look)

The Navman 2018 GPS range builds on Navman’s 15-year heritage with a special focus on clear, helpful, directions to keep people safe on the roads.

You can’t emphasise enough the panic many feel using lesser GPS. Waiting longer to acquire signals when you don’t know which way to turn. Conflicting ‘turn left, then turn right, then keep left’ gobbledegook. And the dreaded long recalculation time after you miss that all important turn because instructions were not clear.

Oh, and do a U-turn when possible as it doggedly sticks to the original route. Then there are school zones, traffic cameras, and other hazards that often are overlooked or inaccurate.

Navman has these issues under control – often better than the others.

Wendy Hammond, General Manager Navman Australia says, “When you buy a Navman, you have the reassurance of a company that really knows about navigation.  We’ve studied how people take in both visual and verbal guidance, why distances are important and how effective landmark and lane guidance can be to avoid driving frustrations.”

“We know people need reminders that they’re approaching school zones or safety cameras, to slow down if there are tricky road conditions ahead, and we know how critical Live Traffic is to our city drivers. And when they use the Navman, all this information is integrated in the one place and the guidance is seamless, unlike using a mobile phone where you have to switch between different apps.”

“We also know some drivers have different needs to others – some want simple, clear instructions while others really appreciate features like the ability to find the nearest petrol station, ATM or café, or want Roadside Assist or a Digital Logbook which is why there is something for every type of driver – whether they’re learning to drive or have been on the road for years.,” she adds.

Navman 2018 GPS range features

Australian Website

Every Navman 2018 GPS comes with first-rate navigation features. Higher-end models offer premium navigation information and faster hardware. The EZY range features the simplified EZY menu while the homepage of the MY Series models have shortcut buttons like parking, petrol, food or ATM.

All models have Lifetime map updates; Bluetooth Handsfree; Live Traffic Updates (from road cameras and national authorities); and Smart Route that calculates the most efficient route based on time of day; Spoken Safety Alerts; Speed Limit Alerts; Digital Logbook; Tunnel Simulation; and Multiple Languages pre-loaded, including Chinese.

Premium models

The MY690LMT and Drive Duo SUV, both with larger 6” screen, provide Zomato Restaurant Guides for on-the go food reviews; Parking Assist for the nearest parking; Multi-Stop Trip Optimisation for efficient multi route planning; Rest Stop Assist for the nearest spot to take a break on long drives; and Parking Assist for easier help if you ever break down.

Also, Premium Driver Alerts, including lane merging or steep hills and 3D Landmarks with detailed images.

The Drive Duo SUV is a GPS and dashcam with special features for SUV and 4WD vehicles, large vehicles and those towing a caravan or boat. It has a 2K Full HD dash cam, Large Vehicle Routing, 4WD Off Road Routing from a number of sources; and a Lonely Planet Travel Guide. Users can also purchase an optional rear dashcam camera for dual channel recording.

The Drive Duo 2 is for car users with a bright 5″ screen and FHD dashcam.

Navman 2018 GPS specifications

EZY 450LMT MY 690 LMMT Drive Duo SUV Drive Duo 2
LCD Touch Screen 5” 6” 6” 5”
Map Updates Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Easy (EZY) Menu Y Y Y Y
Spoken Street Names Y Y Y Y
3D JV & Lane Guidance Y Y Y Y
Smart Find/ Keyword Search Y Y Y Y
Landmark Guidance Y Y Y Y
Speed Limit Alert Y Y Y Y
Spoken Safety Alerts Y Y Y Y
Tunnel Simulation Y Y Y Y
Driver Fatigue Y Y Y Y
Multi Language Y Y Y Y
Bluetooth Handsfree Y Y Y Y
Live Traffic AU NZ Y Y Y Y
Digital Logbook Y Y Y Y
Zomato Restaurant Guide Y Y Y
Roadside Assist Y Y Y
Parking Assist Y Y Y
Rest Stop Assist Y Y Y
Trip Select Y Y Y
Multi-Stop Trip Optimisation Y Y Y
Location Capture Y Y Y
3D Landmarks Y Y Y
Premium Driver Alerts Y Y Y
Lonely Planet Guide Y
Dash cam 2K FHD FHD 130°
4WD Off Road Routing Y
Large Vehicle Routing Y
Dual Camera Y 2Y
Price $169 $199 $479 $279
Warranty 1 year 2 year 2 year 2 year