Navman 2019 range – rumours of the demise of GPS are greatly exaggerated.

Navman 2019 range

Navman is alive and doing well, thank you very much. The Navman 2019 range of in-car portable GPS and dash cams are class leaders and top sellers.

Navman Australia MD Wendy Hammond introduced the Navman 2019 range saying that while GPS sales had bottomed things were looking up.

“For a while smartphones and Google Maps were eating our lunch. But as users quickly found there are huge differences in functionality and reliability between GPS and smartphones.”

GadgetGuy interviewed Wendy recently about this and concurs – only the fastest – read most expensive – smartphones have the power to match a dedicated GPS, and the GPS software is not a patch on what a GPS can do. In fact, in one of our recent reviews the smartphone screen completely detached from the body after only two days in the car due to internal heat melting the glue that holds it together – and that was in Winter!

Navman 2019 range

Navman 2019 range – GPS

The old pop song was clearly wrong: video didn’t kill the radio star, and likewise mobile phones have not killed sat-navs. 

The proof is the fact Navman sales in 2019 remain strong.  It’s not only painful fines and loss of points for using your phone behind the wheel that is driving this growth; it’s the recognition among many that mobile phones are the number one distraction in cars and the indisputable fact that distraction causes accidents. 

And the Navman 2019 range of GPS is better, cheaper, cost nothing to run and continue to work, even when you are out of mobile range or in a black spot.  Even a modestly priced portable GPS device has more navigation features than you’d find in the average new car on Australian roads.

Navman 2019 range GPS

There are six new models in the Navman 2019 range (note that Same means the same as the left adjacent column)

2yrs free maps Free maps Free maps Free monthly map updates Same Same plus HERE 4WD tracks
Speed limit alerts N/A Speed limit alerts Same Same Same
Premium safety alerts Same Same Same Same Same
3D junction views Same Same Same Same Same
Landmark guidance and spoken street names Same Same Same Same Same
Advanced lane guidance Same Same Same Same Same
Fuel type search Same Same Same Same Same
Smart route (historical traffic) Same Same plus Trip select and trip planner, rest stop shortcut Same Same Same
Driver fatigue alerts Same Same Same Same Same
N/A N/A Live traffic updates Same Same Same
N/A N/A Bluetooth handsfree Same Same Same
N/A N/A N.A Voice destination entry Same Same
N/A N/A Digital logbook Same Same Same
N/A N/A Roadside Assist Same Same Same plus Assist; Travel guides; Large vehicle assist
N/A N/A N/A N/A 1K, 3-Axis G-sensor dashcam; wide-angle glass lens 2K 3-Axis G-sensor; same
N/A N/A N/A N/A ADAS safety features Same
5” screen same Same plus
smooth glide LCD screen
6” plus same 5” screen 6” screen
    Magnetic mount same    
1-yr warranty same 2-yr warranty Same Same Same
$119 $129 $179 $229 $279 $479

Navman also offers the Big Rig Duo with a 6” screen that has every imaginable feature for the road warrior – from dash cam to B-Double routing and special truck warnings to weigh station, low brake areas and much more.  There are even guides to pit stops along the route with thousands of restaurants and cafes listed, and of course truck stops. 

Navman 2019 range –Dashcams

Dashcams have come of age, and a considerable percentage of accident-related court cases and insurance claims have supporting dashcam footage. As Wendy said, “I would hate to be the one that does not have it.”

While the resolution is important (and a lot of dashcams advertise 2 – 1600 and 4K – 2160), it is also about the quality of the sensor and lenses. Some of range use the new Sony STARVIS ultra low light sensor for increased low light sensitivity. Some also use the Sony Exmore low-light sensor.

Navman 2019 range starvis

And forget any dashcam without GPS – their images are not admissible as they don’t have a time, date, speed and location stamp.

We have yet to review the Navman 209 range – Dashcams yet, but the first impression is good value and performance.

Navman 2019 range
2.7” screen 2.7” screen 2.7” LCD screen 2.7” touch LCD screen 2.7” LCD screen Touchscreen
Wide-angle glass lens Same Same Same Same Same
1080p recording Same 2160p 1080p recording front and rear 1600p front and 1080p rear 1080p recording front and rear
GPS tagged video Same Same Same Same Same
Automatic Event recording 3- axis G sensor Same Same Same Same Same
Fatigue, headlight warnings Same Same Same Same Same
Speed limit display Same Same Same Same Same
Optimised day/night recording Optimised day/night recording STARVIS Ultra low light sensor Optimised day/night recording and Sony Exmor low light sensor STARVIS Ultra low light sensor  Optimised day/night recording and low light Sony Exmor sensor
N/A EZYSHARE instantly via WIFI Same N/A EZYSHARE instantly via WIFI Same
Parking mode compatible Same Same Same Same Same
N/A N/A N/A N/A Rear camera Same plus two channel dual recording
N/A N/A N/A N/A Monthly camera alert Same
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
N/A N/A N/A N/A ADAS Same pus Lane departure. Front Collison, front departure warnings
$159 $199 $269 $279 $399 $599