Navman Drive Duo combines GPS with dashcam

Navman has launched a new, moderately priced in-car combination GPS and dashcam. The Navman Drive Duo comes with a five inch colour touch screen, and includes maps for Australia and New Zealand for life.

The GPS functionality includes 3D junction views with real signage imagery, and lane guidance, the kind of thing I’d hope would make navigating a strange place easier. And in such strange places you might need dining guidance. The unit includes the Zomato Restaurant Guide. Also included is “multi-stop trip optimisation” that apparently allows you to set the number of stops you want in a longer journey and have the system work out the details for you.

Wendy Hammond, Managing Director Navman Australia, says, “The device allows you to take advantage of Navman’s superior guidance and safety features such as Landmark Guidance that uses objects you can see through your windscreen to guide you … There [are] also supreme safety features like spoken safety alerts as well as premium driver alerts that warn you about merging lanes, sharp corners, give way or stop signs.”

Meanwhile the dashcam uses a glass rather than plastic lens, offers full HD resolution and a 140 degree angle of view to capture everything around the car. There’s a three axis G sensor (ie. a shock sensor) that triggers recordings. The direction of the shock is recorded so that where the impact happened can be displayed using the MiVue Manager software on a computer.

Also included is a lane departure alert and a front collision alert, and the camera is optimised for both daytime and night driving.

The Navman Drive Duo is available now for a recommended retail price of $279 from all major electronics retailers.