Navman PiN 570


Navmanns all-in-one PDA solution. By combining the benefits of The Navman PiN 570 (Personal Interactive Navigation) GPS Pocket PC combines the latest GPS technology with elegant design to deliver the ultimate cable-free navigation solution.

Navigation on-the-move, the compact and stylish NEW Navman PiN, sets a new standard for handheld GPS technology. Navman PiN enables you to accurately navigate from door-to-door using the latest map data with full turn-by-turn voice guidance. Navman SmartST mapping software means you can effortlessly enter your destination, set your route and begin your journey with confidence whether in a car or walking city streets.
Whichever you choose, the quickest route or the shortest, you will benefit from full 3D colour map views, enhanced street level detail, automatic Back-on-track re-routing and Avoid Areas function. In addition to knowing how to get to your destination, you will also know where you are with an accuracy of 5 metres 95% of the time with Navman leading integrated GPS.

Delivering all the benefits of a top of the range Pocket PC, the Navman PiN is cable free and totally portable. The unit runs on Windows Mobile 2003 OS and is packed with many key features including the leading Navman SmartST 3D Mapping Software, discreet GPS Antenna, 8.9 cm Colour Transflective LCD Display, MP3 Playback, User voice Recording (Mono), Touch Panel Screen, Memory Card Expansion Slot, Lithium Ion Battery and USB port.

This powerful combination of the Navman GPS technology and SmartST mapping software means you can have complete state-of-the-art navigation in the palm of your hand.

PiNs integrated GPS antenna delivers excellent satellite pick-up at every angle. This key feature has been adopted from the Navman iCN 630 to ensure the best performance possible. The PiNs GPS Antenna is discreet, lightweight and removes any necessity for wires or any additional receiver. This means you have a complete all-in-one GPS unit.

The 3.5″ Colour Transflective LCD Display compliments the SmartST software by delivering a bright, crystal clear 3D street level view of your journey in full colour. The PiNs display ensures you will also benefit from on-screen Route Summary, Journey Instructions, clearly visible Points-of-Interest and SmartST user friendly interface.

The Back-On-Track technology in the Navman PiN is an integrated support feature. If you leave your programmed route, PiNs intelligent SmartST software will automatically recalculate the best path to take you to your destination. This feature can prove invaluable in the event of an accident ahead, wrong turn or diversion.

Navman PiN operates with Windows Mobile 2003 operating system and comes with all standard applications. SmartST seamlessly integrates with Windows Mobile 2003 OS to ensure PiN provides an effortless experience for the user. Easy navigation around the menus allows you to program your desired route in seconds.


$999 RRP

Source: Navman