Navman watches the road, capturing everything in HD

Car accidents are never fun, and sometimes you don’t have an extra person to document things without bias. Cameras are beginning to appear on the market to assist with this, but a new range from Navman aims to make them even better.

Build with a three-axis G-shock sensor, the Navman range of MiVue products have been designed to work out when and where you’ve had that accident – front, back, sides, top, or even bottom of the car – recording what happened and saving it into a protected file on a small memory stick inside the device.

“The data captured on the recorders makes it so much easier for drivers to report incidents to police and insurance companies,” said Navman’s Wendy Hammond. “On top of this, they shield you against becoming a victim of fraudulent car accidents or crash disputes.”

One of the more annoying forms of accident happens when someone does a dodgy, such as backing up into your car while it’s parked and you’re not around, driving away from the scene without so much as leaving some details.

Navman’s MiVue has even been designed with this in mind, switching on its video camera if an accident is detected when you’re parked and recording information without you needing to switch anything on.

“Often when collisions occur, it’s shocking as they happen quickly and it’s not always easy to recollect every detail of the event,” said Hammond. “Having to remember everything that occurred for insurance companies, police or becoming involved in a dispute over what happened are some of the last things you want to deal with after being involved in an incident.”

Heading to store shelves from next week, the Navman MiVue range is the the second road capture camera we’ve seen to launch, joining Laser’s own CrashCam products.

Two models exist in the Navman MiVue range, with the MiVue338 sporting a 2 inch display and capturing in 720p HD, and the MiVue358 featuring a slightly bigger 2.4 inch display and recording in 1080p Full HD, with the prices set at $149 and $199 respectively. A microSD is required to use the camera, which isn’t included, with the device requiring at least a 4GB Class 6 microSD.