The NB9W MyNetGateway delivers an all-in one integrated access device. It includes an ADSL2+ modem, 4-port Layer 3 Quality of Service (Qos) router, 2x FXS ports for VoIP equipment, 1x FXO port for PSTN lifeline backup and 802.11g wireless in one device! Now home, home office and small business users can eliminate the clutter of multiple internet/networking devices and consolidate it in one neat unit.

The NB9W is part of NetComm’s PerformaPlus series designed to deliver robust performance to handle multiple processor-intensive internet applications simultaneously including: VoIP, Video on Demand, high-definition multimedia streaming, web-serving/hosting, online gaming etc. PerformaPlus is ideal for the demanding home or small business user that does not compromise on quality or performance when selecting broadband or computer hardware.

NetComm’s NB9W is designed for residential and business users who need to integrate ADSL2/2+ broadband services, wired and wireless networking and VoIP technologies in one device.

The NB9W’S VoIP feature allows calls to be routed anywhere in the world, significantly reducing or eliminating long distance call charges. You can even make phone calls when your PC is turned off. The NB9W also provides exceptional voice calls during periods of heavy internet use, by employing policy based on Layer 3 Quality of Service (QoS), which prioritises your voice packets ensuring VoIP call quality. With NetComm’s NB9W, you have all of your internet, networking and communication needs integrated into one stylish desktop unit eliminating the “clutter” of many separate devices.

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